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BD Masks is a family-run manufacturer of quality PPE proudly made in Britain. Since the beginning of the global pandemic in the UK, there has been a growing concern over poorly-made imported face masks.

To meet the growing demand for quality British-made face masks our long standing print finishing business has, with the help of local government, diversified into the manufacture of disposable face masks.

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Superior Craftsmanship

Imported masks from outside of Britain have raised many doubts amongst medical professionals and the general public with regards to their primary purpose: minimising airborne droplets released from sneezing, coughing, and talking. Furthermore, subpar quality masks tend to have an uncomfortable fit, which is vitally important for extended daily usage to minimise touching and readjusting the mask.

BD Masks produces face masks of superior quality and craftsmanship which are effective in resolving both of these issues.

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Keep Flu and Illness at Bay

Vanity cloth face coverings, bandanas, and other makeshift coverings may be offering far less protection against flu, illness, and contagious infection than 3-ply disposable face coverings. Quality face masks should always be designed with function over form, although a comfortable fit is also important for extended usage. BD Masks are certified and fit comfortably.

We must all play a role in minimising the spread of infectious illnesses and diseases, both for ourselves as well as for vulnerable members of our communities such as the elderly and infirm. Our face masks are tested to meet type 11R standards.

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Post-Pandemic Use

A post-pandemic world will likely look quite different from pre-2020 years, as more and more businesses and individuals decide that they want to continue using face masks to minimise the spread of flu and illness once COVID-19 has subsided.

BD Masks will continue to produce high-quality face masks suitable for everyday use, pandemic or no pandemic for all sections of society

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